Meet our team

With a genuine desire to achieve the very best outcomes for our clients and candidates, we aim to make the recruitment process seamless, hassle-free and efficient.

We have been recruiting medical professionals since 2008 and believe Aussie Locums continues to attract great candidates and clients because of our personal, respectful, knowledge-driven approach to how we work.

Our strength as a team, is achieved through collaboration and information sharing, not just within Aussie Locums, but also with our candidates and clients too.

Nichole Fitzgerald

Nichole’s focus is on providing exceptional service, developing a strong, customer focused team and delivering great outcomes for everyone she works with. Her mission is to harness the collective passion at Aussie Locums, and make a real difference to clients, candidates and the communities they support.


Terry Fitzgerald

Specialising in Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Podiatry and Speech Pathology, Terry is an expert at finding the perfect solution to your recruitment needs. Terry’s passion is providing the ideal outcome for both clients and candidates.


Amanda O’Shea

With a genuine and helpful approach to recruitment, Amanda’s experience and industry knowledge enables her to not just fill jobs, but create lifetime career experiences. Always on hand for candidates and clients, Amanda ensures everyone is equipped with whatever they need to make their Aussie locum adventure a memorable one.


Brigid Lees

Brigid ensures candidates are all up to date with their paperwork, so they enjoy a seamless start to their next Australian adventure with Aussie Locums. A true team player, Brigid’s fun and warm personality alongside her drive to continuously develop, helps the teams continue to deliver exceptional customer service.


Carmen Neale

From guiding candidates through their registration process to delivering excellent customer service, Carmen utilises her experience to make a difference in what can be a complicated process.