Dietitian Locum and Permanent Jobs

Just as the scope of a dietitian is broad and varied, so are the roles and opportunities throughout Australia. Dietitians are highly sought after, with most placements in hospital and private practice settings. As nutrition and regulation of diet plays an increasing role in the health of everyday Australians alongside elite athletes, our dietitians can also find work in sports, aged car, community health centres, the food industry and research centres.

We specialise in finding our candidates locum and permanent opportunities that fit their career and lifestyle ambitions. By understanding your experience, skills and requirements, we identify the right locum or permanent roles to suit you.


With a network that stretches from all major urban hubs and branches out to the far corners of Australia, we make it our business to understand and grow you career story.


Whether you are looking for a permanent position to elevate your career or seeking an outback Aussie locum adventure, our team will partner with you to find the perfect opportunity.


Our team is available 24/7. We know that sometimes things don’t go to plan and not everyone can call during the day, which is why we make it our business, to be available around the clock for your business.

Latest opportunities

As a Dietitian, you have a wealth of remarkable opportunities at your fingertips, regardless of whether you’re in the market for permanent or locum work.

There are no current vacancies advertised at this moment in time, but not all our jobs are advertised. Please contact us to register, or visit the jobs board to see our full list of vacancies.

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Why should I work with a dietetics recruitment agency?

We are professional recruitment consultants, with an extensive network of both candidates and clinics, hospitals and other care facilities. We make it our mission to get to know who we work with, so we can find the best fit for our candidates as well as for our clients. Some of our candidates become clients and vice versa, with many having been with us since we opened in 2008.

By gathering industry insights and identifying trends, we can capture opportunities before they even come to the market. Many of our candidates actively choose to work with us exclusively, which further builds on the detailed understanding of their needs which we have gained. By having a talented pool of dietitians who we have got to know, our clients can be confident that we aren’t simply passing on a resume, we are referring a person who we know beyond words on a page or a quick phone call.

I am trained overseas, how do I register as a Dietitian in Australia?

Most dietitians need to have completed the Dietetic Skills Recognition (DSR) to be eligible for membership with the Dietitian Association of Australia (DAA) program and the Accredited Practicing Dietitian (APD) program.

The APD program is a means of self-regulation ensuring high standards of professional practice. Dietitians who have graduated from accredited Australian university dietetic courses and those from overseas who have completed the Dietetic Skills Recognition examination process are eligible to join the APD Program. This status is required for Medicare and Department of Veteran Affairs provider numbers and for most private health insurance companies.

The DSR has three stages and its purpose is to assess the overall competence of overseas trained dietitians and are based on the National Competency Standards for Entry Level Dietitians in Australia.

Stage 1 – Desktop Review
Stage 2 – Written MCQ Examination
Stage 3 – Oral counselling interview examination

The DAA has also been authorised by the Australian Government Australian, Department of Home Affairs to assess and issue skills assessments Dietitian – ANZSCO Code: 251111.

The DSR process will be different for countries with mutual recognition. Mutual recognition is a means of simplifying the assessment process. At this time, Australia has mutual recognition with New Zealand.

Correct working rights for Australia:
If you are intending to work in Australia, you will need to obtain correct visa to support your intended stay. You can find more information here:

How do I get a dietitian job overseas?

Dietitians wishing to head over to the UK for a working holiday can connect with a dedicated UK based consultant who can assist you with securing work. Australian trained Dietitians are highly sought after so if you are thinking of heading to the UK, it is likely you will have a wealth of opportunities to pick from. Speak to your Aussie Locum consultant to find out more about how we can help.

What are the key differences between the UK and Australia?

The locum work in the UK is largely within the NHS Hospital system and can be a great way to gain experience if you are looking to break into hospital-based work upon your return to Australia.

You can learn more about the NHS here: