Meet Carmen Neale

Carmen specialises in recruitment for Radiographers and assists with guiding candidates and clients through the Aussie Locums process. With excellent customer service skills, Carmen utilises her experience to ensure that everything runs smoothly and that both clients and candidates have all the information they require. Carmen’s friendly, ‘can do’ approach helps achieve successful outcomes quickly and effectively.


Carmen brings over 12 years’ administrative experience and a background in customer engagement, stakeholder management, finance and sales. Carmen has a passion for delivering excellence and she prides herself on being an organised multitasker.
In Carmen’s spare time you can find her on the sidelines of a soccer pitch cheering on her handsome husband and their 2 son’s.

What do you love about Aussie Locums?

Aussie Locums is a very collaborative team. We all work very closely together to support and nurture each other’s success for our Candidates and Clients.

What is your greatest source of enjoyment in recruitment?

The thrill! When things are happening and the momentum is building it is a really exciting environment to be in.

Where do you feel you add value to candidates who are looking for work?

I believe there are many points of value throughout the process of recruitment. Starting from the first introduction and putting yourself in the shoes of a candidate or a client, seeing that perspective heaps to make the interaction a lot more holistic and in my opinion more successful.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given in your career?

If you want to be the best, surround yourself with the best. Success isn’t defined by how high you climbed but it speaks volumes on how you chose to achieve.

If you asked a client to describe you, what would they say?

I believe they would say that I am professional, friendly and honest.

What is the most unusual work-related task you have ever had?

We had urgent travel to be scheduled for a locum to get over to Tasmania, Spirt of Tasmania were sold out for weeks and hire cars are worth their weight gold. Terry and I systematically worked (at what felt like lightning speed) between 4 computer screens, mobile browsers and an urgent phone call to secure a booking we had seen come up as we refreshed the web browser. In that moment, I felt like a recruiter, travel agent, counsellor and victorious.

Can you tell us about the most memorable moment of your career?

The most memorable to date was being selected to workshop, construct and present solo in front of an Executive Board and CEO.

Is there a client, candidate or project that stands out?

I think my career has been an accumulation of stand outs. I chose to take every moment to stand out, so it gives focus and drive. A failure or mistake don’t define who we are, they make us strive to do something different.

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