Working in Australia / New Zealand / United Kingdom

Working your way around Australia is a wonderful way to explore this amazing Island Continent. Whether you are looking for urban bustle of the cosmopolitan cities like Sydney and Melbourne or preferring the outback setting of one of the myriad of rural opportunities, Australia is certainly as diverse as it is big.

Aussie Locums not only embraces this attitude, we actively seek to ensure that not only are our staff given every opportunity to explore Australia, but that our clients also have access to the highest quality of medical staff ensuring all of our communities are supported.

Aussie Locum’s Services and Support

Our services to you as an Aussie Locums team member includes advice on the following:

  • Visas
  • Bank Accounts
  • Accommodation
  • Travelling
  • Working Conditions
  • And answering any other questions you may have

Aussie Locums offers support throughout your time in Australia and New Zealand. As you meet other “Aussie Locums”, you will get to know that our service levels are second to none.

With staff serving you who have worked in many countries throughout the world, we are well positioned to offer up our collective experiences and ensure that your working experience around Australia is everything you would ever want it to be.

Where to today? Locations... The Choice Is Yours

Location, location, location... with so many on offer you will be spoiled for choice.

Aussie Locums provides a comprehensive service to the whole of Australia. This means the Public as well as private health service. Therefore, should you prefer the cities then we have the jobs for you.

You may need to get away and take up a relieving position on one of Australia’s island communities—the choice is truly yours.

What you do have is a team that have travelled extensively throughout Australia and will be able to advise you on what each position offers.