Visa Requirements for Australia and New Zealand.

If you do not hold an Australian or New Zealand passport you will need to obtain a Visa or Work Permit to allow you to work in Australia.

Visa options include Youth Mobility Visa and Sponsored Temporary Overseas Employee Visa.

Youth Mobility Visa (Working Holiday Visa)

The most common visa for travelling professionals is the Youth Mobility Visa or what used to be called the Working Holiday Visa.

This allows holders to travel throughout Australia whilst taking the opportunity to work in their chosen profession as well.

Visa Requirements

You have to be between the ages of 18 and 31 and your visa lasts initially for 12 months. In certain situations this visa can be extended to 2 years through working in particular regional areas.

This Visa allows you to take up a more long term role and affords the employer the opportunity to recruit from overseas to satisfy their staffing shortage.

This is a great option for allied health staff who want to live in Australia more permanently or have used/missed out on their Youth Mobility Visa. It also affords more opportunities to indulge in and apply for more senior roles and career development through the array of opportunities the Australia health systems has to offer.

Our consultants have years of experience in ensuring staff achieve their goals so please contact them and discuss what opportunities are available to you.