Occupational Therapist Jobs in Australia, UK & Ireland.

UK & Ireland

Profession: Occupational Therapy Contract: Locum Location: London, Job Ref#: 510780
Profession: Occupational Therapy Contract: Locum Location: Manchester, Job Ref#: 510783
Profession: Occupational Therapy Contract: Locum Location: Scotland, Job Ref#: 510785

As an Occupational Therapist in Australia you have remarkable opportunities to travel with your work throughout the region.

Finding you the Right Position

At Aussie locums we understand your specialties and therefore provide the right positions for you to make use of your skills, be it in a supporting role at a Hand Clinic in Cairns, or as a community based OT supporting remote communities.

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Outpatient, Neurology or Hospital based rotations are all available, the opportunities are endless. We also have roles in the corporate environments of risk assessment and workplace health and safety.

How to Register as an Occupation Therapist in Australia

To comply with the Australian standards you need to apply to the Council of Occupational Therapists Registration Board (COTRB) to gain recognition of your qualifications.

Australia has a National Registry of Health Practitioners, which means that once registered, you are able to practice throughout the entire country. You can apply for your National Registration by visiting www.ahpra.gov.au

If you wish to work in South Australia you will also need to be accredited against the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standard (NSQHSS) by an approved Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care (ACSQHC).

Special requirements for Government Hospitals and Clinics

It should be noted though, that positions based in government hospitals and clinics normally require their staff to have qualifications acceptable for membership to Occupational Therapy (OT) Australia — the Australian Association of Occupational Therapists.

Initial membership of OT Australia requires recognition of qualifications by the Council of Occupational Therapists (COTRB).

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